Sunday, February 26, 2012

O to be a mom

It's 4Am and I'm wide awake laying next to Kherrington thinking about life. The poor little girl woke up at 230 with a bad cough attack so bad that she ended up throwing up all over. I mean I have never seen so much throw up before. It breaks your heart when you wake up to find your two year old covered from head to toe. I pulled her into the bath tub and had to sit there and scrub her body and pull pieces out of her hair. It's strange to say if you asked me if I ever thought that I could do something like that without throwing up 5 years ago I would have laughed at you and said there's no way I would even be able to look at it without vomiting! It's crazy how everything changes once you have kids. Getting married was awesome and a new adventure but having kids is a whole new and fun adventure on its own not only do you get to pick up throw up....but you have this little person who you love with no end and who follows you around mimicking everything you do and say. Jordan and i were talking the other night about our friends who have been married for years not in school and just living life constantly going on trips and not having any kids. It's clearly none of our business but we were saying that we love how having kids was our adventure and how we felt bad for those couples cuz they think that once you have kids your goin out an adventuring is over when really its just began. There is no greater adventure than to be a parent. The best part of my day is when k comes up o me and gives me a hug and kisses me!! She is the sweetest little girl in the world and I love her to pieces. She has completely changed my life around. Given me new adventures and taught me more about life like how to clean up throw up at three in the morning lol. I love snuggling with her and she is the biggest snuggler in the world!! I love being a mom even it means getting no sleep or getting pooped on and thrown up on every now again I wouldn't change it for anything! I love my two daughters. I hate Being without them. Life seems so dull and boring when I'm not with them(not that dull tho cuz if u know my husband u know that he is crazy and likes to keep me on my toes as well haha) I'm o so very grateful That I am sealed to my family for all eternity. I'm so grateful for my husband and what a hard worker he is. He goes to school and works just so I can be a stay home mom. Thanks babe u are the best father and husband a girl can ever have! I feel bad for all the other girls in the world cuz no one can compare to you. I love my life and I love all my crazy adventures that I get to have every single day!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Oaklei's blessing

On February 4th we blessed Oaklei. It was such a beautiful blessing Jordan always does a wonderful job! In the circle we had jordan, my dad, His dad, Adam(my brother), Cliff (his brother), Chris(shanis husband), Woody(amys husband), Justin Norman(jordans mission companion/good friend), and Tyrone Foster(mission companion/good friend/the man who set us up). We are so thankful for all who were able to come up for it. we of course had (small) superbowl party. We have one every year so we of course had to do a little one this year. Jordan said its a sign that she will be good in sports to be blessed on superbowl sunday. lol dear he is silly

Friday, January 27, 2012

 o did i mention k locked me and oak out of the car for 20min at the park? longest/scariest 20min of my life!

mother of two

Being a mom of two is hard work, however i love it more than anything. kherrington is the BEST older sister ever. Every morning she loves to hold oaklei and helps me burp her, change her diaper, and even is great at sharing! Kherrington has a special blanket (a comfort blankee) and she has even given it to Oak to help her be happy. I just love my two girls. They both are super good Kids. Oaklei started rolling over last week, grabbing toys, sleep for 8-10 hours at night, and loves to talk to us. She really lights up when K is around. K has talked about potty training but really does not like to sit on it...shes a little scared of it. but we are working on it! It is super fun, but it does bring new adventures. I cannot go the grocery store and do a heavy shopping day because Oak is in the cart and K in the seat so I have found I either need someone to come with me or wait til Jordan is home. I often find its easier to just play at home outside or inside and not leave unless jordan can come with lol. If I am leaving the house by my self it takes me AT LEAST 45min to get the 3 of us jackets on and in thecar ready to go! hahaThey both bring joy to Jordan and I we love playing with each little girl. They already have a special bond together and I know that they will be best friends just as I am with all of my sisters. I feel so blessed to have these girls they both are good kids, and I am of course super blessed to have Jordan in my life. He works so hard to keep this family up. He is going to school full time and works 30 hours aweek! and still comes home and finds time to play with all 3 of us! Thanks babe you are the best. A couple of weeks ago we got tickets to see the Jazz vs lakers game. He was so excited as lakers are his favorite team. It was so nice to get out for a couple hours! we love our little family of 4! and every day is something new with these girls!


Christmas this year was super fun. Jordan and I took Oaklei down thursday before Christmas and met my whole family in Las Vegas. They were all at this light festival with the kids and it was fun to meet them there! Kherrington and Brighton loved seeing all the lights and they even got to ride a train! Friday all the boys went out golfing. Saturday Jordan took me to see a movie which super nice (thanks everyone to watch the girls!) Jordan and I dont get to go to the movies very often now that we have two kids! It was also Christmas EVE so that night we showed Kherrington and Brighton how to leave cookies for Santa they were very excited about this idea...however they did end up sneaking some cookies for themselves! haha after we the kids to bed we played minute to win it! It was super fun to play with everyone! The next morning we had to wake Kherrington up! I was too excited to sleep and I couldnt wait any longer I wanted to see how she would react to opening all her gifts!! haha of course Brighton was already up and helped her digg through her stocking. They both got these adorable pop tents. hers has princesses on it. I had to pull her out of it to open more gifts!! and each time she would open a present she just wanted to open it up and play with it. I had to bribe her to open more haha. Then it got to the point where she wouldnt even get out of her tent! o geeze next year one gift for her! JK. We all went to church later on and it was so nice to be able to go to church and think of the savior on christmas day. we all loved it hearing the music and listening to the speakers. On monday Jordan and Chris rode together adn came back up to utah so they could work. While the girls stayed behind and played! (thanks babe u rock) It was so fun to be able to come home for christmas. I am so grateful to be so close to my family! we love you guys so much and have tons of fun with everyone!!

My first surgery!

So before Christmas came around (like a week) I found out that the iud that I had my doctor put in just a week proir had slipped out of place and broke through my uterus and wounded up in my stomach. yes this was a very painful process and did not feel good. this happened on a tuesday night.. I called my doctor on wednesday and was set up for an ultrasound on Thursday. During the Ultrasound they told me that they could not find the IUD and that I needed to do a Ct scan to find it. Luckily I worked for an imaging center that they were very nice and got me in for the CT scan right away, and they told me it was in my stomach. That night my doctor told me that he does not do these surgeries but his partner does and said that they would be calling me. I got a call from that office and got set up to meet with the surgeon on Monday. On Monday I met with him and we set up for my surgery for the next day at noon. I had no time to actually sit and ponder what was going on. This all happened so fast. The only time I freaked out was when the Ultrasound tech told me she couldnt find it. I have never had any type of surgery before and did not know what to think about. Luckily my dear friend was able to come over and watch the girls for us while I got surgery and then Amy traded her out since she had been here all day! thanks girls u are awesome! The surgery was fine. they put a scope through my belly button to find the IUD and then cut below the belly button to pull it out. The only issue was someone was a retard and did not give me any pain medication before i woke up so I woke up in ALOT OF PAIN! seriously you just cut me open in two spots then dug around and pulled something out, and put something bak in(yes I am crazy and got another put in during the surgery) I was not happy about that decision made and made it very clear lol. Amy and Woody were very kind and were leaving for vegas the next morning and took little kherrington with them so i could rest before Jordan and I headed down for CHristmas as well! It was very sad to have Kherrington go with them but I was also very grateful for day of rest!! Im just glad that my first surgery went well was not too bad and I was able to go home for the holiday! =)